Breville BOV900BSS

Breville BOV900BSS Convection and Air Fry Smart Oven Air
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The Smart Oven Air with Element IQ is for the cook who desires a countertop oven that can roast for large gatherings, air fry crispy French fries & family favorites and dehydrate a wide range of healthy foods. The super convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30 percent with great crispness. Capacity: 9 Slice Toaster, 13″ Pizza, 9″x 13″ baking pan, 12 cup muffin tray , 14 lb Turkey.


Super Convection Technology

The Smart Oven Air’s 2-speed convection fan (Super and Regular) offers greater cooking control. Super convection provides a greater volume of air to ensure fast and even heat distribution, perfect for air frying, dehydration and roasting.

Precision Cooking and Element iQ

We’ve taken the benefits of Element iQ one step further by adding Breville sensing and PID temperature control technology. With Element iQ – 6 independent quartz heating elements move the power where it’s needed most, above and below the food for perfect results.

Air Fry and Dehydrate Presets

Why buy a stand alone air fryer or dehydrater when the Smart Oven Air can air fry french fries and other family favorites and dehydrate a range of foods. Dehydrate up to 4 trays of goodness. 

Size Matters

The large, 1 cubic ft, interior makes room for toasting 9 slices of bread, roasting a 14-lb turkey, air fry favorites like French fries, slow cook with a 5-qt Dutch oven and comfortably fit most 9″ x 13″ pans and 12 cup muffin trays.


I have the Smart Oven Pro and just upgraded to the Smart Oven Air, and there are many improvements made to the Air over the pro. 
– The light now comes on and the timer pauses when you open the door
– door can be left open an inch to four inches without slamming shut
– Rotate remind to remind you to turn your pans half way through the cooking cycle
– They’ve added a fan to cool the sensitive front display and control electronics to protect it from heat related failures
– Convection fan has been redesigned for for even air flow around your food
– 2 year warranty, while the Pro is warrantied for 1 year
– 1 cubic foot of interior volume compared to .8 for the Pro
– Fits standard quarter baking sheets and larger casserole dishes up to 16 inches wide while the Pro only fits pans no wider than 14 inches
– 8 rack height positions instead of 3
– Signal beep volume is now adjustable and can now be silenced if needed
– Includes two racks instead of 1
– They’ve added a dehydration feature
– They’ve added a proofing feature for rising dough
– They’ve added a super convection fan setting that boosts the fan speed for better crisping
– This oven has one extra upper element making 6 elements total while the Pro has 5 elements, two lower and 3 upper
– This oven has a mirrored ceiling and crumb tray providing improved heat deflection
– The’ve added a customizable Phase Cook feature so you can run two cooking modes back to back
– This oven has a silicone seal all around the door to help seal in the heat and moisture while the Pro has no seal
– This oven toasts 9 slices of bread while the Pro does 6 slices
– This oven has an Air Fry feature and includes an air frying basket while the Pro does not
– This oven is louder than the Pro when the fans are running
So not only is this oven physically larger than the Pro, it also has many new features and can replace several appliances in the Kitchen

The sizes are all over the place. Go to for accurate sizes. I think it’s Model #BOV900BSS.
21 1/4″ x 17 1/4″ x 12 1/4″ high. Hope this helps. The Amazon measurements are of the shipping box, I think. 

I verified with my oven thermometer that it does in fact reach 480F unlike some competitors that can be up to 25 degrees shy of the set temp. It took 25 minutes for the Smart Oven Air to reach 480F. 

Yes it does have non-stick walls. To clean use a soft, damp sponge with a non abrasive liquid cleaner. Pour on the sponge. Voltage is 110. Watts are 1800. They recommend operating the oven on a dedicated circuit separated from other appliances. 
Just a tip I bought an oven liner that u put in the bottom of a regular electric oven. Cut it done to the size that fits the tray that pulls out from the bottom of the breville. The tray that pulls out is not non-stick. Clean up is a breeze. 
This is my 2nd breville oven. I bought the 900 model because it is bigger and fits a 9×13 pans. Gave my son my smaller oven.
I love this oven a lot. The light is great, air fry does frozen French fries to perfection. Easter I cooked a 10 lb ham. In my house it’s called “moms easy bake oven”. Just to separate between it and the regular oven.

Customer Reviews

Deloris B
Deloris B
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I am a professional chef and this product delivers! First and foremost it is a top of the line toaster oven the size of a small oven. You can fit a 1/2 pan, mid sized turkey is about its limit. It has no hot spots because of its 6 computer controlled heating elements and a turbo fan to seal the deal. It fits a standard frozen pizza or a Large Pap Murphy's Pizza. Incredibly simple to use and accurate at low or high temperatures. Yes you can dehydrate to make MSG free beef jerky, yes you can caramelize meats with precision with broiling, yes you can even proof bread! The darn thing preheats in 2-4 mins! Not only does it do all this... it is a top of the line air fryer! It comes with 2 air fry pans, one for things that are low in fats and a second pan used for high in fat products like chicken wings. My personal suggestion, spray a small amount of oil on low fat items to get an authentic fried food texture and flavor. With out it things get hard... instead of deliciously crispy. In short I don't use my home oven unless its a bigger project. (family get together's) Re-heating food from work has never been simpler! I refuse to use microwaves! Enjoy a high end product! The only warning I have is if you have kids or irresponsible roommates... (same thing haha!) The oven gets hot. Keep things off it and around it. There are 2 air vents and the oven needs its space for proper air flow. To me, it comes with the territory.
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I have had this oven for about only a week but would not part with it. I would like to give it 4.5 stars. I had a few questions before purchase that I could not find answers to. I now have answers. Yes, I can bake a large loaf of bread in this oven. I did have to reduce heat a bit and bake just a little longer to avoid a too-brown top. Yes, I can air fry raw chicken wings....I dusted them with potato starch, sprayed a very small amount of oil on them, and stuck with the default air fry settings, did increase the time a little near the end, the wings were crisp and golden. Frozen, battered onion rings air fryed nicely, a little different than deep fried but very good and crispy. The controls and rack positions are obvious. I have not yet looked in the instruction manual (I do have a lot of experience in the kitchen so read the book if you don’t). I love that it is so easy to change the default settings. Clean-up is pretty easy although I haven’t tried broiling yet. Love the front pullout tray. Love that so many of my baking pans fit in the oven. I cannot see that I will have much further use for the two ovens in my range. At counter height this Breville is in the perfect place for ease of use. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that it comes up a little short in the toast department. Takes longer than my previous Cuisinart toaster oven and dries the bread a little more than desired...okay if you like really crispy toast I suppose. Keeping in mind that this IS an oven and NOT a toaster I was not too surprised. It is simply too large to make great toast. One trick that helps is to set it for multiple slices (tho I’m only making 2). I believe more top elements come on and it speeds the process.
Karen B.
Karen B.
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love love this oven! we used the smaller version for years as our only oven and it is still going and only bought this one because of larger size, more flexibility for pans and larger roast possible etc, plus the new fun features. the airfry and basket work wonderful with parchment, crispy items and no mess! the toaster setting for rack is not right, only toasts one side however move the rack down to cookie placement and it works perfect for toast. Breville makes great quality appliances and I look foreward to many years of use out of this oven too. I have not used my stove oven for 10 yrs as i hate cleaning it and crawling into it. this is counter height and efficient and works well for us.
Breville BOV900BSS Convection and Air Fry Smart Oven Air
2,212 ratings